Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:
Payment Terms:
  • Deposit:
    • 10% deposit of projected total project cost to be delivered with signed agreement to secure project date.  
    • Deposit will be held and applied to final 10% of project expenses at completion.
  • Progress payments:
    • ​40% of upon delivery of materials
    • 50% due within 7 days of project completion
All payments are due to Suntek Services Inc. via cash (check) or direct deposit (ACH).
For credit card payments, a 3% processing fee will be added.
Scope of Work:
  • Detailed Scope of Work describing labor and materials are specified in a separate attached estimate.
  • Execution begins upon the client's approval of the estimate and receipt of scheduled payments.
  • Delays of any progress payments may result in project delays and work schedule changes.
Change Requests:
  • Due to the (sometimes unpredictable) nature of landscaping work, new technical requirements may be identified as work progresses.
  • It is not uncommon to discover issues not identified in the initial assessment – such as broken irrigation pipes or sprinkler heads, sizing and sourcing of plants, etc.
  • We also understand that customers may change their minds when it comes to materials, design, budget, or even scope of project once a project has commenced.
To accommodate such cases:
  • If any additional technical issues or requirements are identified, or if out of scope work is requested, Suntek reserves the right to suspend or pause work until new scope is documented and agreed on by both parties.
    We understand communication is vital in such cases and will immediately communicate any such issues in writing.
    A new Change Order and a revised accompanying estimate may be provided in such cases. It may take several days to produce new estimates depending on the complexity of the requested changes or technical issues.
    If design changes are requested by the customer changing the scope and costs of the project, new sourcing and design fees may be added to the project
  • All initially approved materials include sourcing fees and/or delivery fees.
  • To maintain product consistency, Suntek will source products from the same vendors whenever possible.
  • We source materials from approved vendors, and we are not the original manufacturers, suppliers or growers, hence cannot guarantee the quality, consistency or variations in color/size, especially for organic and natural products such as mulch, stones, and plants.
  • If delivered materials are not approved by the client or if defects are presented, additional fees may be added to cover sourcing, return, re-stocking, and delivery costs.
  • If new replacement material is selected, we may pause the work in progress until a new Change Order and estimate are approved.
  • If the customer chooses to source and purchase material separately, we can only begin the work once all material has been delivered to the job site.  
  • Suntek is not responsible for quality issues or additional transportation costs for materials directly sourced by the client.

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