Homeowners Associations & Commercial Properties

Delight residents with zero emission grounds maintenance that is 60% quieter.
Solar-powered equipment and fully certified crews without a single drop of gasoline and complete absence of harmful fumes.
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The first US lawn care company fully certified by the American Green Zone Alliance and now partnered with Quiet Communities Non-profit.
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Lawn care that is actually appreciated by residents.
Well-being, quality living and working from home without interruptions

"Never thought I'd see the day where I'd be able to relax or work with the lawn care workers right next to my window. I now encourage all my neighbors to sign up!"

Melissa B. - Suntek Customer
From residential to strategic city projects and HOA's, Suntek Zero Emission Lawn Care is structured to meet all your grounds maintenance needs.
Fausto & Rodrigo | Suntek West Founders
Seasonal Landscape Maintenance:
  • Mowing, blowing & trimming

  • Edging flower beds, driveways, walkways

  • Blowing yard and leaf debris

Emergency Services:
  • Downed trees or debris

  • Irrigation repairs

  • Extreme HOA violations

Enhancement Services:
  • Lawn fertilizing and weed/turf treatment

  • Mulch & stone applications

  • Irrigation projects

  • Sprinkler maintenance

  • Grass replacement & installation projects

  • Replacement of dead bushes and flowers

  • Repair of damaged turf with replacement sod or over-seeding

  • Pressure washing

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I confidently recommend Suntek to HOA's and municipalities, having fully vetted and certified their crew and landscaping operations, meeting all of AGZA's sustainability, emissions and noise standard requirements."

Dan Mabe - American Green Zone Alliance
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